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Complete Consultancy

With our extensive industry expertise and a proven methodology our team can help tailor your solution to meet your unique business requirements.

A range of consulting services from people who can deliver software solutions that do what your business needs to drive profits and growth

We offer consultancy services for Greentree which include process reviews, report and document design, and integration with other software.

You may want to review additional Greentree modules or you may have a process that you now feel needs to be changed and adapted - we can help. 

We also provide full consultancy services for Access Dimensions, having worked with Access software since 1991.

Amethyst have also been called upon to act as an Expert Witness in a fraud trial, offering forensic help on data that had been changed, identifying how and by whom.

Finally, we are often asked to help on an entirely independent basis to help companies review and make decisions about software and solutions.

Benefits of working with Amethyst

Full project Management

Full Project Management

Our project management processes have been developed using Prince2 Methodology and honed over the years.

Whether your project is large, small or somewhere inbetween, we have proven processes to ensure we get your project up and running.

On-hand Assistance

On-hand Assistance

The Go Live Day when your new system is finally used live is an exciting time and we will be with you on site to cover any queries that may arise.

We will then help you through our support line - the team are just a quick phone call or email away!

Expert Help

Expert Help

We will work with you to ensure that your system is kept up-to-date with new features and is being used to best benefit your business. 

As your business evolves then we can make sure that your solutions continues to offer what you need.

Increase Efficiency

Increase Efficiency

You will have established procedures that you need to continue to use, but sometimes there are other ways of doing things which will save time.

We can help you identify and try out better ways or integrate with your other systems via our API to ensure one point of truth.

Configure your ERP Solution

Configure your ERP Solution

Our software is often described as very forgiving. In simple terms this means that the set up can be changed later.

We will configure your software with the future in mind but should your business change, our solutions can change with you.

Tools Support

Tools & Support

The team at Amethyst is here to help with all your support queries once your solution is up and running.

Support can be done via Teamviewer, or Zoom, email, support ticket or simply picking up the phone - whatever works best for you.

Consultancy: Systems Review

We are often approached by clients to undertake a review of their systems and processes to look at ways that improvements can be made.

This is not usually specific to any ERP software (but it can be) and is a business wide process to look at efficiency and cost savings.

Sometimes people within your company can be too close to see what changes are needed and that is where we can help.

These reviews are usually undertaken by our Managing Director, Lisa Miles.

Discovery and Planning
Consultancy: Audit and Security Review

Consultancy: Audit and Security Review

Your company may have grown considerably over the years but perhaps your control and security systems have remained as they were. 

Simple things like password renewal or authorisation of new customers or suppliers were not needed at the start, but now, these sorts of controls are essential.

Other areas we have looked at with clients  and made recommendations are user access, purchase ordering authorisations and payroll controls.

We have also worked with client's auditors to ensure you have the controls they need.

Finally we have been used as an expert witness to review accounting data forensically to discover when and how data was changed and report on this.

Consultancy: Access Dimensions

Amethyst have extensive experience with Access Dimensions having been one of their original dealers from 1991.

We work closely with a number of clients who use Dimensions and can offer advice and recommendations on how best to use the software.  We can help with Crystal Reports and Transaction Broker.

If you decide to move to another software, then we can help you extract the data efficiently and cost effectively and create the files to bring into your new software.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Consultancy: Access Dimensions

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Fully integrated, unified ERP Software Solutions
Greentree ERP software works to ensure that your business is as efficient and profitable as possible. As a fully integrated system with an extensive range of customisable suites, modules, and features to choose from Greentree can be tailored to the exact needs of your business.

Plus, as a Greentree Value Added Developer, we can also modify or create new modules specifically for you. Used worldwide by over 10,000 companies across a wide range of industries, providing a tool to streamline business processes.

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