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Greentree ERP Software powers better decision making, driving profits and growth by simplifying and streamlining your business processes. Whatever your size, industry, or business function, Greentree can make you more effective and profitable.

Run your business with just one solution; Greentree ERP Software is a fully integrated, powerful system that grows with your company. With a wide range of modules and sub-modules rarely found in other packages, Greentree is 99% out of the box and fully customisable.

Simply switch on what you need, matching the solution to fit your business, knowing that all the modules will integrate perfectly with each other because they’re one complete business management platform.

As your business grows, then Greentree grows with you. Thousands of companies like you have chosen to use Greentree’s simple but smart thinking.

Make Your Business
Work Better

  • Work with our experienced team who value the relationship with you and will always go that extra mile to help.
  • Our in-house expertise means we don't outsource any of our software development, implementation, or consulting. 
  • Build streamlined and more efficient operations using our solutions to bring all areas of your business together. 
  • Integrate other key systems in your business so there is one point of truth.
  • Gain full visibility and control of performance, costs, and profits across the breadth of the business.
  • Increase customer satisfaction by responding quickly and improving accuracy.
  • Choose the modules that you require, moulding the solution to fit your unique needs.
  • Deploy Greentree in the way that works for you - on premise, cloud hosted, or Software As A Service.

Why choose a Greentree ERP Software Solution?

A unique approach

What also makes Greentree unique is their approach between them (the author), the partner, and the customer. They call this we3 – the combination of these three really turns the software into a solution – and that is what Amethyst is all about, and one of the main reasons we chose to work with Greentree.

One unified solution

Greentree ERP offers a fully-integrated unified solution; it removes islands of automation and creates one accurate view across the whole organisation. Different departments can interact and better understand each other.

Work smarter

Present the right information to your teams by removing inefficiencies and streamlining operations. By using powerful tools such as Business Process Management, Workflows, and Approvals & Alerts you'll improve productivity and performance.

Deeper insights, better performance

Greentree ERP's functionality offers enormous breadth and depth across operations. It will simplify information, allowing you to delve deeper and gain insights that empower better business decisions. Drive efficiency and maximise profits.

Grows with your Business

Greentree’s ERP software is powerful, flexible, and scalable. Greentree offers a huge amount of functionality in each suite - which can be turned on as needed, as your requirements change and your business evolves. Select from 84 modules and continue to adapt as your business requirements change. All the modules and suites have been developed in a similar way so that a new area looks and feels alike and keeps your training and implementation costs down.

at a glance

Low total cost of ownership

Low total cost of ownership

Strong return on your investment with improvements to everything from sales, purchasing, and logistics, to job costing and financial management.

Work your business your way

Software that moulds to fit your unique needs

Choose the suites and modules that best suit your needs; scale and adapt as your business changes.

Easy to learn

Easy to learn

An intuitive user interface across the breadth of the business.

Superb management accounting

Superb management accounting

Delivering critical real-time management information for your business.

Improve workflow efficiencies

Improve workflow efficiencies

Build streamlined and more efficient operations using Greentree's extensive ERP that brings departments together.

Windows and browser-based options

Windows and browser-based options

Choose from multiple deployment options to suit your business needs.

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Many software packages come with add-ons, compromises, or half-hearted solutions. Greentree believes you need the reassurance of business software that is both comprehensive and integrated, breaking down barriers and powering you to get on with business.


Greentree for Not-For-Profit Organisations

Not-for-profits should lead the way minimising costs and maximising funds to really make a difference. Everyone likes to think their business makes a difference, but if you're in the not-for-profit sector making a difference IS your business.


Greentree for the Distribution Sector

If you work in warehousing and distribution, delivery is your business. It's ours too. Like you, we want to deliver in full and on time - not to mention under budget. The difference is, we're delivering software solutions, while you could be delivering anything from apples to zimmer frames.

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