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Amethyst is a ​Value Added Developer for Greentree 

We are able to develop advanced customisation options and bespoke changes because we have full access to the source code in Greentree software.

A UK Development Team for bespoke requirements

You may have a process that needs to be followed absolutely and standard software may not quite meet the requirements. As a Value Added Developer for Greentree we have access to full source code so can make changes or add in enhancements so that the software matches your needs exactly.

Our developers are all UK based with years of experience of Greentree and many more in development in general. With long-proven skills in developing enhancements, modifications and brand new client solutions in Greentree that's why we are able to meet your exact requirements, or API links to third party softwares (eg website, payment gateway or separate warehousing).

In addition, we have our own enhancements which we make available to our customers or we work with you to customise the software to fit your needs exactly. All our development is carried out in house and in the UK so that we have complete control of this. For your security, all development is also registered with Greentree UK HQ under an escrow agreement.

Additionally we have written specific modules or software for our customers, either integrating with Greentree or entirely stand alone.

Benefits of working with Amethyst

Full project Management

Full Project Management

Our project management processes have been developed using Prince2 Methodology and honed over the years.

Whether your project is large, small or somewhere inbetween, we have proven processes to ensure we get your project up and running.

On-hand Assistance

On-hand Assistance

The Go Live Day when your new system is finally used live is an exciting time and we will be with you on site to cover any queries that may arise.

We will then help you through our support line - the team are just a quick phone call or email away!

Expert Help

Expert Help

We will work with you to ensure that your system is kept up-to-date with new features and is being used to best benefit your business. 

As your business evolves then we can make sure that your solutions continues to offer what you need.

Increase Efficiency

Increase Efficiency

You will have established procedures that you need to continue to use, but sometimes there are other ways of doing things which will save time.

We can help you identify and try out better ways or integrate with your other systems via our API to ensure one point of truth.

Configure your ERP Solution

Configure your ERP Solution

Our software is often described as very forgiving. In simple terms this means that the set up can be changed later.

We will configure your software with the future in mind but should your business change, our solutions can change with you.

Tools Support

Tools & Support

The team at Amethyst is here to help with all your support queries once your solution is up and running.

Support can be done via Teamviewer, or Zoom, email, support ticket or simply picking up the phone - whatever works best for you.

Development to suit the unique requirements of your business 

Providing accurate, real-time information for your business across a vast and varied range of 11 suites housing over 80 different modules, Greentree is a highly functional and comprehensive software solution, but occasionally you may want to adapt the software or replicate an exact process you have.

That is where our customisation/development options can be used.

We have full source code for Greentree software so we can make the software fit your processes absolutely.


Development to suit the unique requirements of your business 
Authorised Development Team in the UK

Authorised Development Team in the UK

Greentree modules have comprehensive configuration options to accommodate for most requirements however, as a Value Added Developer and one of only two resellers in the UK who have this certification, we hold the source code so our in-house developers can fully customise your ERP software solution to meet your unique business requirements where necessary.

This means we can amend or enhance the way the software works – or indeed write a new module specifically for you. Our UK development team are Amethyst employees and all are in the UK, which keeps everything under our control.

Recent Greentree Enhancements

Recent development work has included telephony integration with CircleLoop, Sales order and customer integration with What3Words, a duty module including a bonded warehouse and a stock returns process.

We continue to expand our links with website development software to ensure a seamless process via API for orders and stock information flowing between a website and Greentree.

Sometimes though, it is those small things that can make a big difference – for one client recently we reduced data entry to just 2 clicks, saving 5! For most clients this would make little difference, but for this business where they have more than 12 people entering data all day, every day, it gave them a significant time saving each week.

Amethyst Recent Greentree Enhancements

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Fully integrated, unified ERP Software Solutions
Greentree ERP software works to ensure that your business is as efficient and profitable as possible. As a fully integrated system with an extensive range of customisable suites, modules and features to choose from Greentree can be tailored to the exact needs of your business.

Plus as a Greentree Value Added Developer, we can also modify or create new modules specifically for you. Used worldwide by over 10,000 companies across a wide range of industries, providing a tool to streamline business processes.

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